RACE Hydraulic

Blended from Base II Stocks and performance enhancing additives for the latest generation Hydraulic equipment. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability. Low compressibility using this Hydraulic Oil reduces the normal wear of the Hydraulic equipment. It enhances resistance to cavitation and is compatible with sealant materials. It also has excellent shear stability.

Available Grade: Hydro-46, Hydro-68 and Hydro-100
Pack Sizes: 20L Pail and 205L Drum
API Performance: Level Exceeds DIN 51524-2 HL


RACE Multi-Purpose Gear Oil

Blended from new generation Base Stocks and latest additives, this extreme pressure Gear Oil is suitable for Transmission Gear Boxes, Steering Boxes, Hypoid Rear Axles, Differential Gears and other heavily loaded gears of Automotive Vehicles and Hydraulic equipment in Tractors. It has excellent thermal and oxidation stability and maintains clean bearing surfaces thus minimising wear. The oil enhances smoother power transmission.

Available Grade: EP 90 and EP 140
Pack Sizes:
1L Can, 4L Can and 205L Drum
API Performance:
Level GL 4

RACE General Purpose Machinery Oil

Blended from Mineral Base Oil and using Anti Foam and Anti-Rust enhancing Additives, this Oil is suitable for using on any older generation Industrial Equipment for normal Lubrication to prevent normal wear and tear. It protects the equipment from corrosion and high temperature shut down.

Available Grade: GPO-460
Pack Sizes:
205L Drum

RACE-General-Purpose-Machinery-Oil Final